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Surviving the Empty Nest

The absence of your child is not easy…or for that matter…your mongoose Ken has a daughter.  Her name is Alayna.  She is clever, beautiful, and smart.  She wears her hair in a pixie cut and has large hazel eyes that … Continue reading

Surviving the Sweat

For the past year, I have watched my life partner, Ken, go off each Sunday to sweat his little tukus off in a strange little hut. He would look forward to his Sunday ritual with anticipation. When he would come … Continue reading

Dreams, Vampires, and Toilet Plungers

Dreams fascinate me.  I dream vividly and in color about all manner of things.  I also dream about the characters in my books.  In my dreams, sometimes I’m writing about the characters, sometimes I’m conversing with them, and sometimes they come … Continue reading

Meet the Kitties!

Meet the Kitties   Part One     Ken, when I met him, had a strong dislike of cats.  Because I am a cat lover, I found his attitude mystifying.  (I mean, what kind of human being can resist a … Continue reading