Angela Sherwood
The Adventures of Charlene, aka “Charlie” Meadows

AngelaAngela lives in Hawaii with her sweetie (Ken Kilkuskie).  Between the two of them, they have 5 children, whom they are immensely proud of, as none of the children are in jail.  It was her experience as a Patient Advocate, in a very busy emergency room in Northern Virgina, that inspired her to write Virgin, and then Trinity.

“I wrote Virgin for fun, but people really liked it and wanted more.  Thus, Trinity was born.  Only days after Trinity was released, I heard from a reader in the United Kingdom who had read both novels.  In no uncertain terms, I was told to write faster, as she was eagerly awaiting the third.  She made my heart happy!  So, of course, I started a third novel.”

Jane TypingIn her free time, Angela plays with her chickens, kitties, children and Ken.  Her chickens have been known to try to contribute to her novels.  Angela is an award winning writer of short stories.  She is currently working on the third novel in the Charlie Meadow’s adventures series.