On Her 21st Birthday. A Birthday Toast (and Roast) for Victoria Sherwood

whilwind victoria When I think of my daughter, I think of her passion, her zest for life, of her sheer indomitable will, and her huge loving heart.  All of these qualities are wrapped up in a girl so beautiful, so rare and precious, that I am confused as to how I could possibly be her mother.  However, the hospital has assured me there is no possible way she could have been switched at birth, so I accept that I am.

One of Victoria’s first real words was ‘more’.  At the time she had been pointing at her Aunt Jeannie’s applesauce cake.  I understand now that this word was actually a description of how she would live her life; wanting more, doing more, feeling more and giving more of herself than I could have ever dreamed.

Today Victoria turned twenty one years old.  It’s made me reflective, and though my heart is full, it is also heavy, because I cannot fathom how her childhood disappeared down the path of time so quickly.  One minute I was thinking Kindergarten?  That’s so far away!  speech victoriaThe next minute I was watching her deliver a speech at graduation to an audience of thousands.

She continues to stun me with her drive, ambition, and work ethic.  Currently she is taking summer classes at the University, interning at a law office, and working two jobs.  And she seems to do it effortlessly.  You amaze me my beautiful daughter.  I am blessed each time you call me Mom.

Victoria wide eyes

That said, I’m afraid it’s time for a mini-roast.   The following are some little known facts about the wonderful woman who is my daughter.

Forgive me, Victoria,  for unveiling some of your quirky wonderfulness.




Her unbridled passion to try all things, has not always met success.


Victoria: What’d I do now?

Me:  Do you know what happened to the beef in my leftover take out?

Victoria:  Mom!  I’m a vegetarian!

Me:  And how’s that working out for you?  I thought vegetarianism kind of involves abstaining from meat.

Victoria:  Thanks Mom!  Thanks for making me feel like a failure! I’m going to go smother myself with a pillow!


While she is a wonderful orator, at times, communicating the basics tends to elude her. 


Victoria:  God mom!  What?

Me:  Did you use the last tampon and forget to tell me?

Victoria:  I don’t know.  (Yes, but I’m not going to admit it.)

Me:  There are no tampons.

Victoria:  Jeez Mom! (Can’t you see I’m busy texting half the galaxy?)

Me:  How would you like it if you had to drive to the drugstore with toilet paper crammed between your legs?

Victoria:  T.M.I. Mom!  Do I really have to know you’ve got toilet paper crammed up there?


When she returns my car after borrowing it, I will find a bazillion Starbucks cups.

Me:  Sweetie?  Are all these cups yours?

Victoria:  Um, one of them might be my friend, Tuscany’s. Why?

Me:  Remember how you were worried about having Parkinson’s because sometimes your hands shake?

Victoria:  Yes. Oh my God!  Do you think I should worry?

Me:  I think you should stop drinking so much caffeine.

Victoria:  Are you crazy?  How am I supposed to stay awake?  I can’t live without coffee…my life would fall apart without coffee!

Me:  I think I need to schedule an intervention.

Victoria:  Cripes Mom!  It’s just coffee!


She can be a bit dramatic.

Victoria:  Mom!  I need you to look at something.

Me:  What?

Victoria:  We have to go into the bathroom.

Me:  Why?

Victoria:  It’s on my hip.  I need you to look at my hip.

Me:  Okay.

Victoria:  Do you see that?  (pointing to faint red spot)  What do you think it is?  It’s cancer isn’t it?

Me:  I think it’s a faint red spot.  I think you’re over reacting.

Victoria:  What?  You don’t think it’s serious?

Me:  No.

Victoria:  Fine!  But if I have some weird disease you’re going to feel really bad if my hip falls off!


She will always cheer me up when I’m down.

Victoria:  Mom?  Are you okay?

Me:  Just having a down day.

Victoria:  Why?  You have a beautiful and amazingly talented daughter who loves you.  You should be on top of the world

Me:  What the heck was I thinking?  (It’s true, I am so blessed!)  Happy Dance!

She takes the most epic selfies ever!



I love you sweetie!  Enjoy your birthday and be safe and responsible.



3 thoughts on “On Her 21st Birthday. A Birthday Toast (and Roast) for Victoria Sherwood”

  1. I loved this Angela!! You are truly blessed beyond measure with this beautiful daughter. And I just love the way you write. 🙂 Happy Birthday Victoria.

  2. Sis!!!! You are always so entertaining. I love this thanks so much for the smile. My Niece is so beautiful..just like the rest of our family. I can so relate to the Tampon comment,dramatics and the seemingly endless self screening of each section of the body. Disappearing food even though they say they are going to give up Pork. Hello, Jay and Amber. I think we should add a sibling link for you to write about. I would so enjoy learning more about my famous family!!! XOXOX Victoria you are wonderful and special…don’t ever slow down in life only in age, I am so proud of you!!! May each day bring you closer to the “MORE” you seek!!! Love to all!!!


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