The First Blog! (And Naming the Third Charlie Meadow’s Adventure)

Yay!  I have a blog!

I’m dedicating this first blog to my readers.  I love you guys!  I love hearing from you!  Your notes, comments, reviews at Amazon, and emails are the fuel that fires me!  (Wow, that’s a lot of exclamation points.  But that’s just the way you make me feel….like a giant exclamation point doing a happy dance!)

Speaking of reviews at Amazon…if you enjoyed Virgin and Trinity, please feel free to post one!  Reviews at Amazon increase the book’s visibility.  Hopefully, with enough reviews, more people will see the books and enjoy them as well.  Then, ultimately, I’ll be able to quit my day job and write on a fulltime basis.  (I do like dreaming!)

Okay, shameless begging completed, I have some news.  I have the title for the third book in the Charlie Meadow’s Adventure series!

Last week, I was at this cute little bookstore named Kona Stories, for a night of Words and Wine.  Words and Wine is an author event where several authors give a little speech and read a bit from their books.  We also drink free wine, which is really nice (because I get really nervous at these things), and eat yummy pupus. ( Pupus is the Hawaiian name for finger foods and is pronounced poo-poos…sounds gross…I know right?)  A lot of people come to this event, either because they love books, or because they love wine, or like me, they love both.

Well, I was sitting at my little table, sipping my wine (and wondering just how much wine I could drink without being accused  a wine-hog), when a woman approached my table.  She picked up a copy of Trinity, gave it a look over and then asked, “Have you come up with the title of your third book?”

I sighed deeply with sadness, and answered honestly.  “I haven’t.  I have no clue what to name it.”  (I didn’t tell her that the prospect of settling on a title was terrifying to me.  When you announce a title, there’s no going back and changing it.  You’re stuck with it forever. )

The woman smiled at me.  “I have a suggestion,” she replied.

“I’d love to hear it,” I answered.

“Your first book is called Virgin.  Your second book is Trinity.  It only follows that your third book should be called……”

When she uttered the name, I heard angels sing.  Goosebumps covered my body from head to toe! Happiness filled my heart with joy!  It was as though the universe had sent this woman to me to utter one word!  (Seriously, it was kind of freaky, but in a good way.)  The word completely fit my plan for the new book!

And so, today, I announce that the third book in the Charlie Meadow’s series is to be called…(drum roll, please!) Resurrection!

Thank you, Lois, my angel from Kona Stories, for the suggestion!

2 thoughts on “The First Blog! (And Naming the Third Charlie Meadow’s Adventure)”

  1. With great anticipation I await your next writing. I just loaned virgin and trinity to a friend after telling her a little bit about them and saying how much I enjoyed them both. I’m anxious to speak with her after she has read a little. Keep up the good work Angela.

  2. Can’t wait to see what will be there in RESURRECTION. You are a different type of author and following your love of the imaginary puts one places I have never dreamed. I have faith that you will have a great time creating this one.


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