Trinity Characters

Trinity–the Characters

Mandy Manchester


Mandy Manchester

Demon reporter, Mandy Manchester, will do anything for a sensational story. Is it her fault getting the story includes making Charlie’s life a living hell?






Jillyne Delgado

This little missing-person’s detective is built like a fairy, and wears a wardrobe as black as her luxurious hair.  She may be Mendoza’s new partner, but it quickly becomes apparent that Jillyne and Mendoza are anything but strangers.





Hunter Deveraux

Mysterious and darkly handsome, Charlie’s new neighbor has an unusual line of work and an even more unusual proposition for Charlie.  A proposition she doesn’t take seriously…until it becomes a matter of life or death.






Though Charlie doesn’t exactly hate dogs, she’s generally more of a cat person.  Especially, when the beagle she’s forced to take home turns out to be the equivalent of a teenager in human years, and has the libido to match.





Maxwell Meadows

Charming, handsome, and home from the Air Force, Max soon finds that being home is no safer than fighting overseas.