Trinity by Angela Sherwood
, the sequel to Virgin, finds Charlie Meadows, the most famous virgin since Mary of biblical times, trying to decide between the delectable, Dr. Sam Macgregor and the sexy, Detective Roman Mendoza.

Charlie soon finds that choosing a lover is the least of her concerns.  Women who look like her are disappearing from the city.  Alfred is back from the dead.  She’s stuck with a hormonal beagle, and there’s a creepy new neighbor. Oh yeah, and someone seems intent upon killing her.  Then there’s the commercial she did for Fluff and Puff. But really?  Who knew toilet paper could cause a butt burn epidemic?

To make matters worse, strange events begin to occur when Charlie touches people.  Although, Charlie’s sure she’s not to blame for the odd occurrences, reporter from hell, Mandy Manchester, disagrees. Unbeknownst to Charlie, the little ritual she was involved in may have left her with something other than nightmares…something worth killing her over.

Charlie vows that if someone is going to kill her, she sure as heck, isn’t going to die a virgin, because dying a virgin would be sad and pathetic. Will Charlie live long enough to experience ecstasy in a man’s arms?  Read Trinity and find out!

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