Virgin Characters

Virgin–the Characters

Charlene (Charlie) Meadows

Is the smart, virginal, sexy, new Patient Advocate at Cedars Hospital. Charlie’s prone to lustful surges, and has a definite hormonal imbalance that is close to sending her over the edge. She can’t decide whether she’d rather play doctor with Sam Macgregor Jr. or Mata Hari with Detective Roman Mendoza.



Dr. Samuel Macgregor Jr.

His bedside manner and Adonis like features are reportedly enough to give otherwise, seemingly, healthy females elevated levels of blood pressure, hot flashes and in rare instances, cardiac arrest. Currently, his sights are set on Charlie and he’s doing the best he can to woo her, despite those who are desperate to make sure that doesn’t happen.


Detective Roman Mendoza

It’s a very rare man who can fill a pair of blue jeans in the deliciously, sinful way this detective does. When Mendoza is on a case, he very rarely loses his focus and currently his ice blue eyes are focused on Charlie. Unfortunately, he can’t decide whether to arrest her…or seduce her.



 Alfred Tenny

Most Landlords don’t do regular light bulb inspections, but this one was fanatical about it before he was murdered. Of course, when Charlie finds out that her light fixtures held something all together different than bulbs, she wishes she had murdered him, herself.


Haley Smith

This colorful, self-proclaimed, seer has as many secrets as she has cornrows in her hair. She’s afraid for Charlie and wants to tell her about the visions she’s been having, but Charlie wants no part of it. After all what good is a seer if they can’t see anything good?


Adam Petrovich

Elegantly handsome, head of Pathology at Cedars Hospital, Adam has some freaky fetish’s and a definite taste for new Patient Advocates.




Joyce Petrovich

Joyce, a nurse at Cedars Hospital can’t seem to figure out if she’s into guys or girls. Skinny and vicous, she has decided to become Charlie’s                               personal tormentor.



Dr. Samuel Macgregor Sr.

Head of the Oncology department at Cedars Hospital and proud spouse to Alayna Macgregor, as well as, father to Samuel Macgregor Jr. This gentleman, as well as his family, are just as full of surprises as their closets are full of skeletons.


She’s a homicidal, schizophrenic, regular at Cedars hospital who likes juice, crackers, and has an imaginary friend named Henrietta. Henrietta wants to stick a knife in Charlie, but Sandy won’t let her.

Jack the Repairman

Charlie is overjoyed to meet this fixer of doors, and is positively delighted when she finds out how good he is at opening them too!

Alayna Macgregor

Head of the Ob/gyn department at Cedars Hospital and also Samuel Macgregor Jr.’s stepmother, is glamorous, beautiful and throw’s one “hell” of a party!