Meet the Sisters Jane and Chloe (The chickens)

DSCN0164 (549x800)Meet the Sisters Jane and Chloe  (The chickens)

Quite a few of you have asked about the chickens in my pictures.  I thought I’d take a moment to tell you about them.

Jane and Chloe were born in the rafters of my carport.  How their mother, a wild chicken, I named Juliet, expected them to grow up in the rafters is beyond me.  One by one Jane and Chloe’s siblings started falling to their deaths.  I couldn’t believe that these were suicidal peeps, leaping to end their lives, and decided to intervene.

I became Jane and Chloe’s mama.  Juliet, who was being wooed by a wild rooster named Romeo, didn’t seem to mind.   She immediately started a new family with Romeo (also in the carport, but that’s another story.)

Jane is brown and skinny.  I think she’s skinny because she’s neurotic. She’s a nervous wreck ALL of the time. She doesn’t cluck like a chicken, she screams just like the hysterical female she is.  Her sole ambition in life has been to hatch an egg, and it’s becoming annoying.

Because I take her eggs from her, she is currently trying to hatch a golf ball.  She’s extremely protective of the golf-ball and attacks me whenever I’m near her.   I’m usually near her because I’m feeding her.  (Have I mentioned that chickens aren’t so smart all the time?)

Chloe, on the other hand, is white and plump.  She attacks Jane whenever Jane attacks me.  I think this is because I saved her from a mongoose who was enthusiastically snacking on her neck. Mongooses roam freely in Hawaii.  They look like rabid squirrels with diseased tails and sharp teeth.  (I know! Imagine an anorexic vampire-squirrel that can’t climb trees, right?)

Anyway, I nursed Chloe back to health, going so far as to keep her in a box by my bed at night.  I had to do this because chickens are angered by the color red. Jane, who we have already established is a bit stupid, was angered by the blood and scabs on Chloe’s neck would attack her.  Plus, I was WORRIED about her!  I  just couldn’t leave Chloe all alone when she was in pain.

Ken (my sweetie) was not happy about sharing our bedroom with a chicken.  It inhibited normal bedroom activities.  (Can I help it if I’m too self-conscious to get naked in front of a chicken?)  I think he was secretly worried that I had gone a little around the bend, and that’s okay.  I worry about that myself sometimes.

Since the mongoose attack, Chloe has been my shadow.  She follows me everywhere and likes to hop into my lap for a snooze now and then….especially lately, since her sister has been too preoccupied with that stupid golf ball to hang out with her.

Although they are very different in temperament, both Jane and Chloe have a huge place in my heart.  I’ll let you know if Jane manages to hatch the golf ball.

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  1. Jane and Cloe are good neighbors and although they are unique, I love that they eat the centipedes besides the yogurt you feed them!


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